Mission Partners

John and Gillian Robinson. 

John and Gillian left the UK with their family for Bangkok in 2009 to work with the underprivileged, especially those in prisons. 
They subsequently opened the Place of Grace to help poor communities in Bangkok. John and Gillian run children and teenager groups as well as a food bank and in all this work they pray for people and tell them about God. A number of teenagers have become Christians.
The Place of Grace now has a UK based charity, which is separate from the Robinsons who are supported through Crosslinks.

robinson family

For more information visit the following websites
Crosslinks website:
The Place of Grace website: 
The Robinson's family website:
Or you can speak to someone in Julie Wilman's Life Group - NEW.


Heather Cox

Heather is a former member of St John’s and works as Digital Engagement Manager at OMF International (Overseas Missionary Fellowship).  This involves getting OMF to use digital tools to encourage Christians to be a part of the global missions community - a community focused on sharing the gospel around the world. 
This has included being part of a project team working with Khalibre (a Cambodian technology company originally set up by OMF) to build a new website infrastructure for designed to help people to stay in touch with the missionaries they support, participate in online training and be part of online communities around their areas of interest, such as creation care or praying for Japan.


David and Manuela Pawson

David and Manuela also worshipped at St John’s before leaving us in January 2020 to undertake long-term missionary work in Japan, supporting the local church. They are working with OMF in Japan and are now in their second year studying Japanese language and culture.

The Pawsons 2021


St John's Local Mission Partners

WMAG's mission partner, Just42, is based in the local area and receives significant input from St John's church members. You can find out more about Just42 on the Local Community page.
Our link person is Mike Simpson.