St John's Youth

We are an assorted bunch of young people who are getting to grips with the world we inhabit, getting on with each other and getting on with trying to understand what God is all about and what he means for us.  We had just started to meet together after lockdown, but are meeting via zoom at the moment and hoping to be able to meet together soon. 

Lockdown Challenge

Rosie invited you to send in a picture or photograph that reminds you in some way of what God is like... Beth's photo of the is lovely - Beth says: I did this photo because it reminds me of how powerful God is compared to the waves.
Beth =)

That's lovely, but Beth's photo is looking quite lonely so I hope some of you are going to send others in to keep it company.

Beth's picture resized

St John's Youth, We are.......

Loving God

We want to follow God who loves us and cares for us through worshipping him, receiving from him and giving our lives to him.  We want to learn how to follow God by looking at his instruction book (the Bible) 

Loving People

As Jesus served others so we want to show our love to one another through helping each other and serving them

Sharing Jesus

We believe that the message of Jesus (God’s love for us) is so important that we want to tell other people about it.  We want to enjoy life and we want people to feel that they belong.  What better way than by hanging out together.