Schools Work

We have great relationships with our local schools and enjoy working alongside them to bring a deeper understanding of Christianity, and a positive experience of Church and Christians to the children and staff. 

School Assemblies

A team from St John's Church is privileged to be invited into four primary schools in the Woodbridge area.

We present an assembly with a Christian message two or three times each term. Our assemblies include fun games and activities to introduce our theme, a Bible story with some time to think about how it relates to our lives today, and a prayer which the children are invited to make their own by saying "Amen" at the end. 

Through these assemblies St John's is able to connect with our local school communities and bring the message of Christ in to the whole school, including the staff. The response has always been very positive- even when we got Ofsteded!

Experience Christmas and Easter

These events are run in the church building and we invite schools to bring groups of around 30 children at a time for a 75 minute session exploring either the Christmas or Easter story.  We use interactive, multisensory storytelling techniques and reflective activities to help the children explore these stories.  These events give children the opportunity to learn more about two of the most important Christian festivals, what they mean to Christians and why they are celebrated in churches.

The Life Exhibition

Every other year our friends from Counties bring the Life Exhibition to St John's.  This is an exhibition for Upper Key Stage Two classes to explore the life of Jesus.  The exhibition uses interactive activities, discussion, and tablet technology to help the children find out about Jesus' birth, his teaching, his miracles, and his death and resurrection at Easter.  There are quizzes, video clips, music and lots more fun ways to engage with the wonderful story of Jesus.  We have had classes from seven schools visit the exhibition and have had really positive feedback from both staff and pupils.

If you would like St John's to connect with your school through assemblies or the events above, please contact our Children's and Families' Worker Clare Johnston at or 01934 383162