What a year this has been for us!   Last summer we were so excited about going to Mozambique with iReachAfrica, to be directors of a vocational training centre called “Tariro”, which means hope. We were confident that it was the next step for our family and eager to see how God would make it possible. Yet so many times in the last twelve months, these dreams seemed to sink without trace, only to pop up again like a beach ball in the waves - visible but still out of reach, despite our frantic doggy-paddling efforts! We’ve wondered if it’s ever going to happen. But in recent months we have felt Holy Spirit nudging us, and saying that it’s time ... And finally, things are coming together! 

the smithsThis is not a testimony to our doggy-paddling ability, but rather to the faithfulness of our Papa God who always helps us. We are grateful for all of you for following our journey this far, for encouraging us and praying for us. Please keep going! We value you and your prayers so much! 

Now that things are progressing at last, we have a target departure date of November 24th. Before this can happen, we need to jump through various hoops to obtain visas, and do many, many other things to get ready – please pray for us as we do this. Also, we are so thankful for people who are planning to support us financially and for those who already have. Your generosity touches our hearts and blesses us! This is one of our main needs, as there is a local salary attached to the position at Tariro, but this will not cover our family’s expenses, so we need ongoing monthly support as well. Please pray for God’s provision for us. For any of our US friends who feel able to partner with us financially, here are details of our Bethel mission account, follow the link and scroll down to us at bcrr.us/specialgiving.  For anyone in the UK (apart from family members) we have set up a giving account with an organisation called Stewardship so that we can benefit from gift aid. This can become functional 2 months before our target departure date, which is now only a few weeks time! Yikes! We will send all the details then.   For anyone who is considering supporting us financially, it would really help us with our preparations if you could let us know, with an idea of how much, and if it is a one-off gift or monthly support. It doesn’t need to be a large amount – any amount is a huge blessing!  

In our update,  we will also send you more details about where we are going and what we will be doing in Mozambique, and we will also include Peter’s exciting news – watch this space!  We would be grateful for your prayers and if you would like receive our updates by email, please do get in touch with us.  At Cafe Church on 7th October we will have a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to provide their email address so that we can send our updates and prayer requests.  Alternatively please contact us, via the church office.