Freedom in Christ Course 

We will be running our next Freedom in Christ course on Tuesday 16th January 2019 for 10 weeks, ending on Tuesday 27th March. To book your place on this course, please contact the church office

The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course aims to help Christians grasp the truth of who they are in Christ, sort out personal and spiritual issues and become more fruitful in their discipleship. The course emphasises personal responsibility and the need to make the right choices. The focus is very much on the individual.  The Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course looks at the following subjects:

Session 1: Where Did I Come From?           
Session 2: Who Am I Now?                                   

Session 3: Choosing To Believe The Truth           
Session 4: The World’s View Of Truth                    
Session 5: Our Daily Choice                              

Session 6: Demolishing Strongholds                   
Session 7: The Battle For Our Minds                    
Session 8:  Handling emotions well                      
Session 9: Forgiving From The Heart                             
The Steps To Freedom In Christ Day away together   
Session 10: Walking in Freedom Everyday
Session 11: Relating To Others 
Session 12: Where Are You Heading? 
Session 13: Staying On The Right Path

All evenings start at 7:20 pm in for refreshments to start the course by 7:30 prompt.