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Soul Survivor 

Revival’s annual, and final, trip to Soul Survivor was to week B - 17-21 August 2019.

There were mixed emotions as we all headed off to Soul Survivor; excitement for our time together and to see what God would do, sadness it was the last one ever and relief for the person towing the trailer of equipment for the first time and to Andy once everything was set up.  Thirty of us from Woodbridge, Felixstowe and Framlingham camped together at Peterborough.  

The worship times together in the big top were truly amazing.  The sound was excellent, but the songs chosen really enabled us to focus on God and come into his presence.  It was great to have some new speakers as well as Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft’s wisdom and funny stories.  It was also a privilege and an honour to see God’s Holy Spirit working in the young people’s lives.  The young people and leaders also took advantage of the various seminars on offer, as well as the gigs and cafes around the site.  

Revival have been attending Soul Survivor every year for over 15 years and so it will be a big loss.  Therefore, it was great to hear about the three Festivals that Soul Survivor say follow on with a similar ethos for young people: Dreaming the Impossible, Limitless and Movement Summer Camp.  However, as a number of our families already attend New Wine, we will probably be joining Luminosity in 2020

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