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There is always plenty going on at St John's and this page is a great way to keep up to date with the latest news and notices.                                             

Communion Service, Afternoon Praise and CTWM Climate Sunday Event are all taking place this Sunday 19 September 

In Church this Sunday we have our Communion service at 10.30am, please note there will not be a live stream this week.
This will be followed by our first 'Afternoon Praise'  at 3.45pm, everyone welcome.

2021-09-19 Afternoon Praise Po

It is also Climate Sunday, Churches Together Woodbridge & Melton are holding an event on Kingston Field.  The event will include high profile speakers covering such topics as net zero emissions, recycling, our natural world and how we can all live a greener life. Below is a copy of the programme.

2021-09-17 Climate Sunday Prog



Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer   ‘Make Hope Visible’ 

I first heard about this project several years ago and have followed its progress with interest and amazement! It will be a Christian architectural sculpture built in Coleshill near Birmingham, in the heart of the UK
A giant infinity loop built of one million bricks reaching 50m into the sky – 2.5 x the height of the Angel of the North. 

2021-09-16 Wall of PrayerThis will be a piece of public art that provokes a conversation about prayer, giving visitors the space to reflect on the role of prayer in the nation and in their lives. It is about how one person’s answered prayer can become another person’s hope.  Every brick will represent a story of how someone has prayed and how God has answered.
Visitors will be able to point their phone at a brick to reveal the story of hope that lies within.
Eternal Wall aims to:
Preserve the Christian heritage of our nation
Ignite a faith for prayer on a national level
Reveal Christ to the nation
The land and planning permission have been obtained; the access road is being built; the interactive app technology is being developed; the engineers and builders are ready to start.

If £2.5m can be raised before 22nd October this year, construction of this incredible landmark can start in spring next year and will be completed in 2023.
All administration costs have been covered so every donation goes directly to building Eternal Wall. Crowdfunding to build runs from 13th September to 22nd October.

On the 15th September I noted that £121,320 had been already donated – just 2 days after the Crowdfunding began. Now thanks to a kind donor offering match funding, every donation for the next £20,000 will be doubled! 

I am really excited and hope that some of our church will feel like me - that this is an audacious and amazing project. It will stand as a wonderful, visible symbol of the magnitude and power of prayer and is therefore well worth supporting. 

For more information go to:

Cathie   Taylor  


The Hub Community Café in St John's Church Hall

 2021-05-13 Hub Logo
The Hub Community Café will be re-opening indoors on Mondays between 10am to 12pm from 4 October in St John's Church Hall.
As always we look forward to seeing you there .
The Hub Team


Afghanistan Refugee Help

My son is planning to send a package of badly needed items for Afghan refugees who have been airlifted to the UK with nothing. 
Retired Major Andrew Fox (@maj_retd_fox on Twitter) is co-ordinating support for Afghan refugees arriving in the UK. 
I am organising to send a package of what they need, for distribution to Local Authorities. It’s being sent to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, for distribution to Local Authorities.
It’s important to note that they cannot take second hand clothes because of Covid restrictions. So any clothing donations will have to be new.

USB cables for all brands of phones
Adapter plugs for use in UK
Complete plug/cable combo for all brands of phones
Hair brushes (new due to Covid)
Nail clippers
Baby clothes - all aspects, all ages, if you need it for a baby then they need it.
Boys and girls clothing - ideally long sleeves, jumpers, cardigans, dresses/trousers
Underwear - families are large with many children
Men’s pants and socks and belts
Women’s pants and stretchy type bra tops - too difficult to do specific sizes at present due to being quarantined
Flip flops, sliders, plimsoles - beyond 10 day quarantine will need shoes
Jumpers/hoodies/fleece tops
Trousers/jeans/jogging bottoms
Women’s cardigans / modest clothing
It’s worth noting that the current temperature in Kabul is 30 degrees, so people will be feeling very cold, even if in a hotel under quarantine!
I know people will be wondering how they can help. I know I was. This seems like a practical solution.
Kind regards
Ben Norton

I would be prepared to take in anything and get it to Ben who will then send it on to RMA Sandhurst.
Thank you
Sue Redsell


Tuesday Evening Prayer Meetings 7.30pm in Church 

2021-08-26  Tuesday Evening Pr
If you don't feel comfortable coming into Church you are still welcome to join us via Zoom by either clicking on the above image or by using
ID: 937 1772 6932 and Password: 389335 if you have the app.

Christmas is coming 

2021-09-10 Chritmas Competitio
Each year Churches Together in Woodbridge and Melton send a Christmas card to all the homes in the area and this year we would like to invite people to send a photograph suitable for the front of the card. Pictures may be sent to me or message me for more details. Use your imagination - theme ‘Christmas’ and it can feature Woodbridge if you wish. Closing date 31st October. Small prize for the winner. Happy snapping!