Meet our team.....

Please find below an introduction to our Ministers, Staff and PCC.
No Photo icon Bill Herbert Resized
Our new Vicar Revd Bill Herbert (Curate and Focal Minister for St Andrew's Bredfield, PCC member)
We are prayerfully awaiting who this will be A fountain of wisdom and knowledge
Garrie Griffiths Resized Graham House Resized
Revd Garrie Griffiths (Retd) Revd Graham House (Retd)
Loves Ice Cream and sharing a joke or two.  Enjoys writing songs and leads one of our Worship Bands.  Loves being with his wife Jill, their two sons and their families, and with God in ordinary everyday life. Affectionately known as 'Bish' in the office, Humour keeps him going, but thank God for Jesus, in everything.
Clare Johnston Resized 2021 Noelle Gore Resized 2021
Clare Johnston (Children & Families Worker, Deanery Synod, PCC member) Noelle Gore (Operations & Events Manager, PCC member)
Oversees our work with children aged 11 and under and their families.  Spends her spare time running, reading, and retrieving cat toys from under the furniture! Chief cook and bottle washer, overseeing our office and buildings.  Keeps Bees, loves cooking and doing anything practical.  Nicknamed Bumble when I was 2, because I am always as busy as a bee!
Lois Bridgeman Resized 2021 Alan Nunn Resized 2021
Lois Bridgeman (Church Administrator) Alan Nunn (Church Warden, Lay-Chair of the PCC)
Loves to provide a friendly voice on the end of the phone, keeps our church family informed and supported through her Administry gifts.  Loves gardening,  singing and leads one of our Worship Groups Brilliant at all things 'techy' and loves looking after buildings!  Who doesn't love a Faculty application!
Lyn Spall Resized 2021 Alan Hawes Resized
Lyn Spall (Church Warden, Safeguarding Officer) Alan Hawes (Treasurer)
Loves music, theatre and chocolate.  Can often be found with a book in her hand or eyes on the tennis.  Lyn is also passionate about our local churches together team, enabling us to bring church out of the building in and around Woodbridge. Alan loves spending time with his Grandchildren 'almost' as much as he loves spending time buried in a spreadsheet, ensuring all our bills are paid.
Gay Nichols Resized Alan Weller Resized
Gay Nichols ( Lay Reader, Ex-Officio PCC Member) Alan Weller ( Lay Reader, Ex-Officio PCC member)
A Reader who does enjoy reading but also loves cooking cakes and making puns - it 'raises' a laugh most of the time! Crumbs! Always willing to get stuck in with a smile, whether its leading, preaching, or helping his wife Anthea with the flowers.  Alan also leads one of our worship bands.
David Bulgin Resized 2021 Tony Allwood Resized 2021
David Bulgin (Lay Reader, Retd, with Permission to Officiate) Tony Allwood (Deanery Synod)
David has been retired for 20 years.  He is passionate about preaching the Word of God so it's understandable, likes reading, walking and church music – traditional and contemporary.  He has been a church organist for over 60 years! Assisting the Treasurer to ensure we spend our resources wisely, Tony has a wealth of knowledge of all things church, both St John's and wider, and we pick his brains frequently!
Richard Bolt (2) Jonathan Evans Resized
Richard Bolt (PCC member) Jonathan Evans (PCC Member)
Nicknamed "Bernie" at school from a Golden Shot fame. Loves nothing more than to get up on the floor and dance ballroom or Latin A cycling musical man who likes fixing things.  Jonathan helps Rosie oversee our Worship and Audio Teams,  and together they have a passion to look after our Youth
Pat House Resized Rosie Evans Resized
Pat House (PCC member) Rosie Evans (Deanery Synod, PCC member)
I’m a country/ outdoor gal, enjoying walks, gardening and meeting people for coffee or at Gymphobics. Reading, sewing, caring for my family and others are important to me.  Likes singing, painting and the garden.  Rosie, helped by Jonathan also oversees our Worship and Audio Teams,  and together have a passion to look after our Youth.
Claire Marshall Resized Luc Ray-Mathur Resized
Claire Marshall (PCC member) Luc Ray-Mathur (PCC member)
Claire is a recently retired teacher with a positive, enthusiastic, can do mentality.  Often found outdoors walking, sailing and gardening.  A born administrator. My motto in life "Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God."
Sue Simpson 2021 Diana(Oct2021)
Sue Simpson (PCC member) Diana Ray-Mathur (Minutes Secretary for the PCC)
Sue is a pastoral visitor, Tearfund rep and used to  teach.  Loves making cakes, theatre, music and being useful. I'm arty/crafty and passionate about the "ministry of food and hospitality". I keep my passport handy for my love of travel.  Diana is also our Compassion rep.
We have two further members of staff who carry out essential roles behind the scenes. Charlotte ensures our buildings are kept clean and has been key to helping us managing the ever changing Covid Risk.  Steve is our handyman and carries out both routine maintenance and specific jobs as needed. 

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