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Encourage one another in building Community

During lockdown so many of us have felt alone , isolated and disconnected from the Church Family.  Now we are emerging from this time of isolation let's come together again to reconnect and to feel part of our  community.
Perhaps God is suggesting to you, come, try something new?  Give it a go?  This is your community, and you are the most important people in it, nothing can happen without you.  When we serve alongside each other we build community, feel that we belong and are encouraged, while encouraging others.
There are loads of different ways you can now get involved, whether you have previously been on a team and want to change and try something new, or if you want to come back to the team you previously served on, your team leader will be able to share any changes we have had to make to enable us to do this in a new, safe and simpler way.
Whether you want to do something challenging with your specific skill set or whether you just want to serve and be with others there’s something for everyone, and then as we serve each other we can reach out and serve the community around us.
2021-07 02 Tree of tasks 1

Would you like to lead a Daily time of Prayer in the church to start each weekday morning or at a new time?

Ever thought about Hospitality?  The Refreshment Team needs you?

Maybe Welcome folk into Church on a Sunday morning or join the team of Duty Wardens who look after us all while we are in Church each week?  

 We have a special event coming up which will need some extra special help Mission Woodbridge in Elmhurst Park on 29 August – Stewards, Technical help, possible refreshment team, TBC.. plus movers and shakers ?…..  plan of what we need still TBC…
Do you have an interest in IT?  There are opportunities to learn how to man the Audio desk, or the Live Stream, either on a Sunday morning (this is instead of Easy Worship) or help in building the recorded elements of the service prior to each Sunday.  
Do you have a heart for Worship? Or for Youth? Or for Little Gems on a Tuesday?
Would you like to support the activities of the church by changing the layout between events?  Now we have Little Gems each week, and our lovely Wednesday Service will be restarting in July along with the informal Sunday evening 'Presence' in September, we need folk willing to move the chairs about, with a few hands great things can be achieved.  But we cannot do any of this without you?  Would you like to lead a new team to get folk together for moving the chairs?  We want to know….
Would you like to just get involved by giving your time once per week to open and lock the church so we can keep it open for private prayer?  
How about some DIY with a small group of Church Family Friends?  
Our hall is in desperate need of a Garden Tidy up, we have weeds coming out of everywhere.  We are even in the process of refreshing our main driveway noticeboard thanks to Max Double, but this will need a willing person to give it, its final coat of paint before we put it back up?  Our Hall needs to have its makeover completed, our youth did a great job just prior to the pandemic to paint a large proportion of it, but this work still needs completing and they need some help to finish it, could you help with this?
A heart for Administry? The PCC needs a Secretary and occasionally the office needs some support of adhoc tasks? (Do you like filling envelopes, or being the postman?)
This list is not exhaustive, there are many, many more ways to get involved in Church life.  Let the office know if you would like to get involved and in which area, we will match you up with the person responsible for it, or if you want to take that responsibility on where there is no leader, together we can build our community and be of service to our amazing God in the community around us.