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A Parish Magazine Team - could this be for you? 

 The Reaching Out Team are considering ways to engage with those in our parish, as many may have little visibility of St John's, besides knowing we do Sunday services.  As a Church we want to be able to bless our local community and encourage them to become involved in any of our activities if they wish to do so.  

With this in mind, we are considering putting a quarterly parish magazine together to be distributed to everyone in our parish.  This will not only let people know what is happening the following quarter at St John's, but it will also include interesting relevant articles and snippets of local information.

The aim is to set up a small team to take this further, looking into printing options, layout and design, content and distribution. Many areas, needing varied skills or just a willingness to get involved!

We are keen to gauge support from anyone interested in being involved in putting the parish magazine together and moving this idea forwards. If this is an area of service you might consider and something you feel passionate about, please contact me and we can discuss it further.  

Carol Saunders 
01394 382417 or 07736 247903