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Many people have had to make difficult decisions this year, and there is sadness and disappointment when so many special events have been cancelled.  Our Church Holiday at Sizewell Hall is no exception.

As many of you will have experienced, Sizewell Hall has a special place in the hearts of many people, and of course for several generations of members of St. John's.

We would urge you therefore to watch the video link below. It was sent out by Sizewell Hall, explaining the need for Church members to consider gifting some of the money they would have spent on their holiday this year, or consider making a donation to the work of Sizewell Hall. This would be in thankfulness for past times and in order that Sizewell Hall will be able to continue welcoming Churches and Youth Groups in the future.

When you have watched the video, you may feel that you would like to make a donation. We would very much like this to be done through St. John's rather than donations direct to the Hall by means indicated below.  We will then send the total as a donation from St. John's Church Woodbridge.  Many people have found that they have had to spend less during this difficult period, and so may feel that they are able to be generous in this unprecedented situation.
Thank you so much in advance.

Click on the image below to view the video from Colin Low2020-06-19 Sizewell Hall Churc

To pay using a Bank Transfer please use St. Johns details: 
Bank of Scotland
Acct. No 00931007
Bank Sort Code 12 16 39

Or if paying by Cheque please send your cheque to:    Alan Hawes
                                                                                                         St. John's Church Treasurer
                                                                                                         33  Hilly Fields
                                                                                                         IP12 4DX