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Help the Salvation Army  Food Bank

At the beginning of April we discovered that the Salvation Army Food Bank was in need of more donations.  With restricted shopping and several of their usual collection places closed (eg St Mary's)  they were struggling to feed the increasing number of needy households.
Following the system set up by a resident in Seckford Street we began by leafleting our neighbours and collecting donations, left at the end of drives, 9.15 am each Thursday morning and delivering them straight to the Salvation Army.  As demand grew we extended this to all of Through Duncans and Anderson Way for all of May.  People have been very generous and one neighbour's mother has now set up a similar scheme in Warren Hill Road. 
It has been very easy to organise and complete, taking less than an hour each Thursday.
Speaking to Captain Alan Hill this morning, 21.05.20,  they are feeding more than ever and despite donations from supermarkets and FairShare they would still welcome street collections. We would like to give our neighbours a break and are reluctant to ask them to donate next month. 
                                   Could you set up a similar scheme in your road for a time?
                          If you are interested do contact us and we can share in more detail. 

    Many thanks
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