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Talking to our Children about Covid-19 

All through the day news bulletins about the spread of Covid-19 are being delivered in real time to our television screens, laptops and radios. Daily updates from Number 10 are broadcast 24/7 straight into our kitchens and living rooms where our children may be playing or eating. 

We want to be kept up to date, but the scale and frequency of information can feel overwhelming and if that’s true for us as adults, it may be even more so for our children. We’ll put the news on ‘just in the background’ whilst we’re cooking tea, perhaps forgetting that little eyes are watching, and little ears are taking it all in.

As parents, many of us will be struggling to manage our own feelings about the pandemic, let alone feel we can cope with talking to our children about it. 
Care for the family have some great ideas that can help us to talk to our children about Covid -19 and answer any questions that they may have.
Just click this image   2020-05-04 Care for the Familyto access their ideas.