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Weekly Prayer- Tuesday evenings between 7:30pm-8:30pm

prayer and fastingMary Howard who co-ordinates the St John's Prayer Meetings on Tuesday evening's at St John's would like to encourage our church family to continue to pray and fast on Tuesday's during the day or evening. 
As you are all aware now due to government advice, we now have to close the church building until further notice so as a symbol of our continuing in prayer, the building will be illuminated during the evening.

Each week we will be holding a special hour of stay@home prayer on Tuesday evenings between 7:30-8:30.   We invite all of you to participate and ask that you light a candle/safe light and place it in your window at 7:30.  Please join with us in prayer.

Mary says "please pray for a miracle - that as God's people humble themselves God will heal our land and that lives would be spared. If you are able, please listen to the Simon Ponsonby Sermon - please click here to listen.  

Roger Seville who often preaches at St John's Cafe Church has also provided us with a link to his sermon which was scheduled for a previous Sunday evening - this is also relevant to this subject and relates to 2 Chronicles 7: 11-22.  If you would like to view the online talk please click here.