Serving is a great way to belong! 

Join a Team Card

We hope you've enjoyed hearing from the different areas of Church Life (Growing Younger; Reaching Out, Caring and Journeying) over the last few weeks.  

Everything we do here at St John’s is underpinned through prayer and we believe that everyone has a passion and gift to bring to the life of St John’s. Together we bring God’s love to each other by encouraging, serving and building friendships, enabling us to grow as individuals and a community.  If you are already involved in an area of church life we would still love you to complete a card showing which area you're involved in (you can add "coffee team", and tick the journeying or caring team as you feel fits what you do best), as this is something we can celebrate and be thankful for.  Pick a card up from one of the chairs or at the back and pop your completed card in one of the baskets which will be at the back of the church on Sundays.   

If you would like to complete a digital card, please click on the image below - you can then email this to the office:
Join a Team Card-Reverse