The Future of the Church 

Gerard Kelly says ‘Youth ministry is not only about young people, it is about the future of the Church; about the transition of a faith that, without radical change, will die with the current generation (Church Actually: Rediscovering the Brilliance of God’s Plan).  Another person stated ‘Young people are the Church of today and the hope for tomorrow.’  In order for this transition to continue in St John’s there is a need for a couple more helpers for Revival Youth on a Sunday morning and Friday evening.  All material for Sunday morning is provided.  The main task for both activities is to draw alongside the young people and to get to know them.  Regular commitment is required so that people can build relationships but if there are enough volunteers opportunities for time off can take place (people don’t have to commit to both Sunday and Friday).  In 2018, five leaders stepped down and there has only been one new volunteer.  There is also need for one more helper in Wildfire (5-11 years old).  For more information about how to get involved and for Safeguarding procedures please speak to Andy Williams for Revival Youth and Clare Johnston for Wildfire, but please give it prayerful consideration of how you can help pass the faith on to the next generation.