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Safeguarding Training for Volunteers 

As those who were at the APCM will know, the Diocese is implementing a new Safeguarding Training programme.  This Follows the House of Bishops ruling in January 2017 when every diocese was tasked with implementing the new safeguarding training practice guidance.  This means that a number of volunteers will be required to complete an online Safeguarding module called C0 – Basic Awareness. This module must be completed before attending any other safeguarding training session.  This basic awareness module is required by all those who volunteer in a number of areas, including Welcome and Coffee Rota.

As Parish Safeguarding Officer, Andy Williams is asking different groups at a time to complete the C0 Basic Awareness Training.  To date, all PCC members and most of those on the Flower rota have completed the training and those on 11:00am Coffee and Welcome rotas have been asked to complete the training.

We carried out a CO Module face to face training session on Tuesday 19 June for members of the church.  If you missed the training you can still complete it on-line and if you would like to do this,  please click here.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Andy.