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Compassion Sunday - 29th April 2018 

The thing about poverty is that it not only makes life a physical struggle, it also steals hope. As children are abused, neglected, forgotten and looked down on, they come to believe the lie that their lives don’t matter to anyone. But we know that’s not true.
Sunday 29th April 2018 is Compassion Sunday and people across the country are speaking out on behalf of the world’s poorest children. Diana Ray-Mathur who is the representative of Compassion at St Johns Church said  "she is so excited we’re taking part this year because she knows the transformation that can take place when we reach out to children in need of God’s love".
Here at St John’s there are more than a dozen people who sponsor a child through Compassion.  During both morning services there will be a short PowerPoint presentation showcasing the children who we sponsor.
Diana has a selection of handcrafted cards (prices ranging from £0.50 to £2.00 each) that she will be selling to raise funds (and awareness) for Compassion.