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Weekly/Monthly Giving Envelopes and Gift Aid 

The weekly/monthly Giving Envelopes, starting in April, will be available shortly from Robert Brockbank. If you don’t currently use them and would like to start using them on a regular basis, or are already using them and would like to stop, then please let Robert know asap.  
Gift Aid: if you currently give to St John’s using the Gift Aid Scheme, please check that you are still able to do so. Changes in income and in the tax laws may have resulted in you paying insufficient tax to cover your donations. If this is the case, please let Robert Brockbank know as soon as possible, so that the church doesn’t claim tax back from HMRC incorrectly. If you find that the church has been claiming tax back that wasn’t due, then we are able to help you sort this is out by adjusting our next claim. If we don’t know about it, then HMRC will pursue you to pay the extra tax yourself! If you are not a Gift Aider, and now find yourself eligible to use this scheme, then please let Robert know.

Thank you to all who give via the weekly/monthly envelopes and the Gift Aid Scheme and all who support the work of St John’s in this way.