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Divorce Recovery Workshop 

Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW) is a course, with a Christian foundation, that will help individual people deal with and grow through the emotional trauma of a significant relationship that has irretrievably broken down.

The workshop comprises six, two hour sessions usually run over six evenings at weekly intervals where the participants watch a DVD, followed by a confidential group discussion. Each group is facilitated by trained volunteers who have previously attended the course.

Attending the workshop will:

-Help attendees understand what they are going through
-Help attendees take control of their present and future
-Help attendees function effectively as a single person or parent
-Help to restore their self-esteem and self-confidence
-Help to relieve tension with their ex-partner
-Help if attendees are feeling depressed or isolated
-Provide a new circle of supportive friends. 

We do not currently have a course scheduled, but if you are interested in attending a future Divorce Recovery Workshop please contact the Church Office.

Course Dates:

If no course dates are listed please contact the Church Office.