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St John's update and progress on 'Who Cares?' 

Many thanks to all congregations within St John's who have answered the one question ‘Who Cares?’ survey in this first phase of ‘Listening’.  We have had a total of 240 responses from all of the congregations: The Light Factory, Revival Youth and Vision, 9am, 11am, Cafe Church and the Wednesday Congregation. All the anonymous responses have been prayed for and have been collated into the central database and in the coming months we will be looking to respond to some of the needs through sermons, talks and other avenues like ‘Freedom in Christ’. ‘ As the cards are anonymous, individual hurts cannot be answered specifically but Life Groups and Prayer Ministry are a means to take these hurts to God. 

We will soon have a ‘Who Cares?’ Information Board, as well as a ‘Who Cares?’ page on the website, with current or planned teaching programmes within church, and outside organisations available to help people work through areas of hurt, struggle and challenge.  

The main purpose of the ‘Who Cares?’ initiative is to ask people who do not come to church "What hurts the most?"  We will soon be looking to engage with some connected communities and if there are any communities that you have a good connection with and would be able to use the ‘Who Cares?’ initiative to reach out to them, then please talk to Peter Plummer about this.  Please remember that you will have to be able to tell people about the things that will be on offer to help them with their hurts.