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Mission Prayer Topics 

We suggest a Mission Topic for the Intercessions at each Sunday morning service (except for the first Sunday of each month) . The World Mission Noticeboard generally highlights one of the Topics every month. The Tuesday Church Prayer Meetings are sometimes dedicated to a Mission Topic as indicated below.
More details on supported missions can be found on our World Mission pages.

13th August: Sunday Service: Cry in theDark and Soul Survivor
20th August: Sunday Service: Cry in theDark
27th August: Sunday Service: CPAS and Open Doors
10th September: Sunday Service: Bible Society and Gideons
17th September: Sunday Service: The Longes in Jerusalem and the Pawsons
24th September: Sunday Service: Just 42 and Tear Fund including Change a Nation
26th September: Prayer Meeting Topic: Just 42
8th October: Sunday Service: Crosslinks: The Robinsons in Bangkok, and Prison Work
15th October: Sunday Service: Compassion and the Children's Society
22nd October: Sunday Service: Christian Aid and CPAS
29th October: Sunday Service: The Bible Society and the Gideons
12th November: Sunday Service: The Longes in Jerusalem and Crosslinks: The Robinsons in Bangkok
19th November: Sunday Service: Open Doors and Tear Fund including Change a Nation
26th November: Sunday Service: Cry in the Dark and Talitha Koum
10th December: Sunday Service: CPAS and Talitha Koum
17th December: Sunday Service: Just 42 and Hope into Action
31st December: Sunday Service: Evangelical Alliance and the Pawsons
14th January: Sunday Service: Soul Survivor and Tear Fund including Change a Nation